Part of the process of designing the tombstone is designed to give the mourners the opportunity to connect to the memories, the character, the habits, the love, the family. To try and capture something from the lives of their loved ones, to observe on the soul we loved, to think and imagine what suits them, what was important to them, while observing, we respect them, cherish their lives and participate directly and emotionally in the first true separation from our loved ones.

Some of out latest works – Click to enlarge

On the practical side of the design, we will try to match the structure, materials, vegetation and text to the important points that emerged during the observation phase. Now we choose the materials from a huge variety of rocks, stones, wood and metals. we imagine and decide how to get an idea, a thought, to express itself and what form is most correct to tell their personal story.

We have no models ready, we encourage families to look, sense and search for their right connection. If you are not available to reach us we will offer you several alternatives and a simulation to find the right design for you.

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