Welcome to Even Rom.

The company specializes in the design and construction of quality gravestones in advanced techniques alongside traditional handicrafts.

We offer personalized gravestones in accordance with the nature of the deceased along with a variety of classic models in a variety of raw materials.

An accurate and faithful design process with 3D simulations allows you to try different designs in a variety of materials, and giving you the opportunity to know exactly how the gravestone will look.

Design adapted to the nature of the deceased.

In Even Rom there are no models ready and no restrictions … On the contrary, every original idea gives rise to the possibility of telling a unique and one-time story.


In our lives we are all different from each other, each person has a complex personal taste built during his life, a different and individual perception of life that expresses the things that are really important.


Through a deep and respectful process, we try to capture the difference and find the unique personal components. Through the process of designing the gravestone, we express the special characteristics of a person in his life …

The honor of the dead and the exaltation of his soul are at the heart of the process of designing the gravestone.

In order to succeed in creating a special and suitable gravestone to  faithfully represent their lives, it is important for us to hear and learn from you about the life of your loved one who died. We want to pay last respects to the people who accompanied us in our lives, the loved ones who will continue to live with us in their death, and to try to leave a unique memorial gravestone only for them.

We are here to enable the members of the family to participate in depth in planning and creating a one-time personal gravestone that will perpetuate the deceased.

About Even Rom

After the death of my mother, a sculptor, a jeweler and an erudite person, I wanted to erect a special gravestone that would suit her character and her unique life.

Sad and confused I turned to a number of gravestone builders but did not feel I had found the right man, wanted something different. I wanted natural materials,

Special and dramatic ones that would somehow capture her personality.

I decided to erect the gravestone myself. I turned to a friend to help me with the work. We designed the gravestone. We found the appropriate materials in tufit stone. After a thorough search we found the appropriate iron letters and together we went to the Haifa cemetery to build the monument.

After we finished the work, we sat quietly in the shade and looked at the gravestone. A man passing by stopped and looked at it too …

You are invited to call for scheduling a meeting and prices.

Roy Bar-Shira


We can meet you at home but we recommend on going to the exhibition area at “Mashtelat Haroe” and to be impressed by a huge variety of rocks, stones and natural materials. 

From road 4 turn east at the Kfar Haroeh intersection in the direction of Elyachin, after a 100 meters, right entrace to the nursery.

The HaRoeh Nursery in WAZE app.

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