After the death of my mother, a sculptor, a jeweler and an erudite person, I wanted to erect a special gravestone that would suit her character and her unique life.

Sad and confused I turned to a number of gravestone builders but did not feel I had found the right man, wanted something different. I wanted natural materials,

Special and dramatic ones that would somehow capture her personality.

I decided to erect the gravestone myself. I turned to a friend to help me with the work. We designed the gravestone. We found the appropriate materials in tufit stone. After a thorough search we found the appropriate iron letters and together we went to the Haifa cemetery to build the monument.

After we finished the work, we sat quietly in the shade and looked at the gravestone. A man passing by stopped and looked at it too. He told us that he had recently buried his mother and he was not happy with her gravestone.

He did not know exactly what he did not like, but he immediately saw my mother’s gravestone, and felt that the natural design would suit his mother too.

When he asked for a business card and to know if we had a website, we both understood that we are embarking on a new path, we realized that we have something special to offer for grieving families both in terms of original design and the level of personal and respectable service.

This is how we established “Even Rom – Artisan Tombstones”. We created several demo models and an exhibition space in cooperation with “Tufit Stone” – a huge rock garden with special stones from all over the world, a wide selection of natural materials and a special place that suited us exactly.

We offer a different experience in the field of tombstones. Every tombstone is individually and uniquely designed according to the character and personality of the deceased, Cooperation and good communication between us, the mourners and their families directly influences the design.

we want to tell the story of the deceased and for that we need to know his life and express the important elements through the choice of shape, color, type of stones, special materials (wood, iron, glass, etc.) and using the right combination.

The process of personal and original design and the desire to provide a warm, supportive and understanding service come from the desire to honor our loved ones, to cherish their lives and to participate directly in their latest journey in this world.

Roy Bar-Shira

A multidisciplinary artist,

Engages in design, sculpture

And digital media.

Michael Zin

Entrepreneur and businessman

Specializes in the project development and construction

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